Reno Home Buyers

Reno Home Buyers
Charlene’s approach to buying is to gather critical information, provide a reasonably wide spectrum of options, narrow down the options to the goals you want, and then guide and assist you through the purchasing process.

She initially conducts a buyer’s consultation to determine the Reno home buyer’s wants and needs, and then focuses on those during the tour of the area they are interested in. She takes the approach of matching the buyer to a lifestyle he/she prefers and then adding the preferred price range to the mix to come up with the best alternatives. As with any city, different price ranges are associated with different neighborhoods. A thorough tour will be conducted to show the buyer the differences in areas, and then the buyer can make the determination of the best area/price/home for his/her needs and wants.

Once she narrows the search Charlene will target specific neighborhoods and do a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis of any home in which the buyer has a strong interest; she determines if the home is priced properly, and will complete an offer based on several factors which include the current market conditions (buyer’s or seller’s market) to come up with the best possible scenario for the buyer to have that offer accepted. Once the offer is accepted, Charlene will guide the buyer through the escrow, and assist them through the transition to the new home.

It is never Charlene’s intention to try to “overspend;” She will match the price range to what is available on the market, and guide the buyer to find a house and make an offer or adjust the price range to what they want. Coming into a new market or area, the buyer doesn’t know what value they can get for their money. She will advise and provide several options for you in the range you specify, with the features you want. She generally suggests that the buyer initially preview three homes: one in his price range, one below and one above, to see what the purchasing power will be in our market. With Northern Nevada, they will get a lot more for their money than in many other areas, and perhaps won’t have to spend as much to get the home of their dreams!